Monday, July 11, 2011

My Home Outside of Home

When we first bought our house, almost 10 years ago, we began making plans to build a deck almost before we passed papers.  We designed it with two levels, with the top level the perfect size to fit a table and chair set.  The table and chairs were great for the first few years, but then I grew really tired of it.  We only used them when we had company over, and it took up so much space. It never had that homey feeling that I loved.  I wanted something more like my cousin-in-law-in-law Janice, who lives on the Cape and has the most beautiful yard/deck I've ever seen.

So last year, I took advantage of the end of season Pottery Barn sales and bought the furniture for an outdoor living room.  There was so much rain this spring, that we didn't get it set up until mid-June, but I've already got my money's worth!  I love sitting outside now for my coffee, my lunch, watching the kids, dinner, and drinks with the hubby.  I don't want to leave my house at all now, so come on over if you want to visit!

Now, if I could only have Janice's green thumb...

view from the lower deck

yup!  we still have kids!  :)


Shelli said...

Toni!!!! This is amazing! And wonderful! I can totally see why u spend so much time out there! I would too! Beautiful.